"It does not do to dwell on dreams, and forget to live"

Albus Dumbledore


Stories fascinate me and that's always the main driving thought during every shoot I do. I love the details and want to know more and why. I want to capture the true personalities and unique quirks. I shoot with minimal direction and want to document connections and natural interactions. Even better if that includes double laughing chins and high fives!

The reason I started documenting my own life was to capture the every day stuff, along with the special occasions, and to remember who I love, why, and how those relationships evolve over time.

I'm not the best at talking about myself, so here's some facts about me and things I love in dot point form;

  • I'm married and have a Beagle (Sadie) and Labrador (Mousse) who rule my household

  • Dogs are life, I will interact with any dog I encounter (fur babies are encouraged at shoots!)

  • I live to travel and get anxious when I don't have a trip booked

  • I love hip hop, rap and 90's tunes

  • Give me all the confetti and sparkles!!

  • Harry Potter and Disney are two of my favourite things

  • Board games. I am super competitive.

  • I love corny movies, Dirty Dancing and Save The Last Dance all day erry day

  • Making a big deal out of special occasions. Birthdays and Christmas are big in our house

  • Baked goods, I love baking them and eating them, it's probably the way to my heart

  • My family and friends are everything

If you're keen to know more and think I'm your gal hit me up!

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Perth based wedding and family photographer